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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Bruce had always hated how his sister had picked on him for most of his life. But finally after twenty years, he was ready to get his revenge. With an invention he had made, he was able to steal his sister’s body. He had intended to ruin her reputation as the popular girl on campus by trying to act as nerdy as possible. He even decided to wear a shirt advertising GEEK in big letters. After a short stroll on campus, he returned to her dorm room to reflect on how his plan had failed miserably.

It seems no one cared what his sister acted like or said, all the guys were still just attracted to her body. He had some of the biggest jocks on campus talking nerdy to him about comics or algebra. He couldn’t seem to fend them off with even the most obscure Doctor Who reference or Star Trek quote. If he was going to find a way to ruin her, he’d have to step up his game...

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