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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Not Home (Part 2)

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“First off,” Neil asked as he got to his feet and took off the jacket he wore, “Who’s Olivia?”

“Olivia is my sister,” The woman explained, “And right now you have her body.”

“Well, I can certainly tell that this body isn’t mine! But how...I mean, come on, body swapping? That sort of stuff is all just Freaky Friday made up stuff!”

“Tell that to the news reporters and 90% of the world! Apparently, there was some sort of event. I was lucky to not be swapped. I nearly panicked when everyone around me just sort of passed out. were out longer than most.”

“If everything you’re saying is true, then my wife is probably worried sick about me! I’ve got to call her! I’ve got to get home!”

“Cell phones are dead right now, but the news reporters say they should come back online in a few hours. You’re welcome to leave, but please take Olivia’s phone. We’d like to be able to keep track of her body.”

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