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Friday, August 17, 2018


Al got home and slammed his bag down on the kitchen table, “That’s it; I’m quitting this job. They’ve spent the last two weeks running all sorts of experiments on me, but this one takes the cake! They were testing out some sort of body swap device and stuck me inside the body of a woman! And worse still was that it was on the end of the day on Friday, so I’m stuck like this all weekend. Once I get swapped back Monday morning, I’m out!”

“No you’re not!” His wife shouted from the other room, “You were out of work for a year before you got this job. I don’t care what they do to you, you are NOT going to quit. Let them run all sorts of experiments on you, and turn you into whatever. We need the money, and you know it.”

Al forced a smile. Knowing better than to cross his wife, he shouted back, “I wasn’t serious. I’m just saying I’m frustrated. I think maybe I should at least ask for a raise after having to go through all this!”

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