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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Public Defender

Tyler sat in his jail cell smiling. He was pretty sure he had just committed the perfect crime. Sure, he was arrested for it, but that was actually part of the plan. He had already requested a lawyer, and now all he needed to do was wait. His heart sank a little bit when his public defender arrived. He couldn’t believe it -- a woman! He knew he didn’t have much choice. She was going to be the only one he’d get close enough to for long enough to enact the next part of his plan.

It was on their third meeting when he felt the time was right. He looked at the red dress she wore, feeling a little uncomfortable at just how short it was. The public defender could tell Tyler was looking at her and began to make her exit. That’s when Tyler made his move to cast a spell to swap bodies with her.

He just kept up her momentum to exit. He walked out of the cell and then out of the jail a free man -- er, woman -- while leaving the public defender inside his body to rot in prison. He looked up her ID in her purse and went back to her house. He smiled as he sat on the stairs. Tomorrow, he’d pick up where a lot of the loot was stored then he’d jet off someplace where the cops could never catch him. Sure, the body swap spell only worked once, so he was stuck in this body, but he started to think that might not be so bad...

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