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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Maybe Not an Accident

“Dude, why does Matt’s mom come to every practice and sit in the bleachers?” Alex asked another student on the football team before waving out to her, “Hey, Mrs. Lee.”

Matt uncomfortably waved back before returning his arms to a crossed position and setting them down on his knees. It was still unbelievably weird to him how he had swapped bodies with his friend’s mom. He was pretty sure that she was going to ruin his life, so he tried his best to keep an eye on her when he could -- that included watching her at football practice. What may have been even weirder was that she seemed to be doing well; not just in terms of playing football, but also just being a social eighteen year old man. He was wondering if maybe it was all planned. Maybe she had actually wanted his life; maybe the swap wasn’t an accident...

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