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Friday, August 3, 2018


“What do you miss most about your old body?” Ron asked Jerome.

“It’s weird being almost two feet shorter! That’s for sure!” Jerome replied, “And being a chick is a total trip as well!”

“I’m glad we didn’t lose our basketball scholarships!”

“Yeah, they passed that law after the Great Shift protecting that sort of thing. It might be playing that I miss most though.”

“Well, we can still play!”

“Yeah, but you know what I for the college team. They just recruited new players that would crush us now.”

“You may have lost a team, but you gained a good girlfriend,” Ron said as he laid his head on Jerome’s shoulder, “And I got a good one, too.”

“I love you too,” Jerome said giving Ron a kiss, “And I probably never would’ve realized that if not for the Shift, so I guess in a way it was all worth it.”

“Totally worth it. Now let’s play some hoops.”

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