Saturday, August 18, 2018

Maybe Not an Accident

“Dude, why does Matt’s mom come to every practice and sit in the bleachers?” Alex asked another student on the football team before waving out to her, “Hey, Mrs. Lee.”

Matt uncomfortably waved back before returning his arms to a crossed position and setting them down on his knees. It was still unbelievably weird to him how he had swapped bodies with his friend’s mom. He was pretty sure that she was going to ruin his life, so he tried his best to keep an eye on her when he could -- that included watching her at football practice. What may have been even weirder was that she seemed to be doing well; not just in terms of playing football, but also just being a social eighteen year old man. He was wondering if maybe it was all planned. Maybe she had actually wanted his life; maybe the swap wasn’t an accident...

Friday, August 17, 2018


Al got home and slammed his bag down on the kitchen table, “That’s it; I’m quitting this job. They’ve spent the last two weeks running all sorts of experiments on me, but this one takes the cake! They were testing out some sort of body swap device and stuck me inside the body of a woman! And worse still was that it was on the end of the day on Friday, so I’m stuck like this all weekend. Once I get swapped back Monday morning, I’m out!”

“No you’re not!” His wife shouted from the other room, “You were out of work for a year before you got this job. I don’t care what they do to you, you are NOT going to quit. Let them run all sorts of experiments on you, and turn you into whatever. We need the money, and you know it.”

Al forced a smile. Knowing better than to cross his wife, he shouted back, “I wasn’t serious. I’m just saying I’m frustrated. I think maybe I should at least ask for a raise after having to go through all this!”

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Grant certainly certainly had a lot of questions. Why was he a woman? Why was he wearing a bikini? How did he end up wearing this sort of thing outside in the freezing cold? Those questions could be answered later. For now, he just needed to find some place warm before he froze to death out here!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Protect (Part 2)

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As Brett stretched, he couldn’t help but notice that being a woman felt...different. He wouldn’t call it good or bad, just different, as if everything wasn’t quite right. He began to look around as well, noticing other people seemingly freaking out about their bodies. It wasn’t too hard for him to piece together that he wasn’t the only one who had swapped into someone else’s body. The extent of this situation was really beginning to sink in for him. This wasn’t a dream; this wasn’t an isolated incident. It seemed a vast number of people had suddenly just switched bodies with each other.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Brett saw the bright light in the distance and used his hand to shield his eyes for a sense of protection. There was, however, nothing that could protect him from the effects of that light. After it passed, Brett was sure it had fried his corneas or something; his skin just looked so much darker. Then he noticed the sleeve of his shirt had a leopard print pattern on it, and he knew that there wasn’t something wrong with his eyes -- there was something wrong with his body! As he began to look at it, he quickly learned that the problem was that this body wasn’t his! He had somehow swapped bodies with a woman! He didn’t put two and two together that the light was responsible for the swap. That it was something called The Great Shift, which not only affected him but every other person on the planet as well.

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Jeff was taking pictures with his new camera when he discovered that it had the oddest feature. It seemed every time he took a photo of a person, he’d transform into a copy of that person. There didn’t seem to be any way to avoid it, and he spent most of the day as all sorts of different people. Yet after taking a picture of a small Asian woman, he paused.

He looked at the photo in the camera’s viewfinder; he examined his new body. He thought about breaking the camera in half. He decided that he wanted this body -- to keep this body. But it might be best to keep the camera in a safe place, just in case he might ever decide to use it again in the future.