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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bodyswapping orb (Part 6)

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Mike couldn't believe Kyle wouldn't come back up to the bodyswapping orb with him. It was like he was happy being a woman or something! Sure, every single time that they've used the orb so far they've ended up in the bodies of women, but this time would be different! In fact, he was sure that he'd go back to being himself if he just went up there this one last time! He was sick of having boobs; he was sick of wearing heels and skirts. How could Kyle give up on trying to get back to his own body so easily. They've only tried--what now--a dozen times?


  1. I wonder what Kyle is doing while Mike is off looking for the orb...

  2. i think you should keep adding, maybe mike will end up in the body of somebody really unattractive that he does not want to be in kind of like part 2 ( my favorite) lol

  3. Don't worry! There will be more!