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Friday, December 11, 2009

Copy + Paste (Part 1)

Freddy was thinking this digital camera might be one of the best purchases he ever made. He had been taking pictures with it in a traditional way for about a week when he tried a button the camera that he had never seen on one before labeled "Copy." He aimed it at a punkish looking Japanese woman waiting for the bus, but was surprised when nothing seemed to happen. He couldn't find the picture or anything anywhere...even after he downloaded photos to his laptop. It wasn't until several hours later when he was taking pictures again, and he hit another unknown button, "Paste," that he understood what it did. His body morphed into an exact copy of the Japenese woman from earlier...he was even wearing her clothes! He probably should've used the camera to make a copy of his old body though, as now there'd be no way he could ever get back to being himself!

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