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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Olympic future (Part 2)

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After failing to sabotage the gymnastics event at the Olympics, Stephen couldn't believe that his government would simply refuse to return him to his old body. However, returning to a new home in a new body, he was treated a hero for bringing home the gold medal. The chip controlling that was abe to control his movements was taken out of his brain, and he lead a relatively successful life. Four years later his body had matured, but he was still a world clas gymnist. He was surprised when he successfully competed and qualified for the Olympics once more. He sat pondering on his floor. Should he go for the gold in this new body and continue to enjoy the life of fame and success that he had enjoyed for the previous four years, or should he throw the competition in the hopes that his old government would finally swap him back to his old body?

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