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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mixed up

Professor Marshall Stack walked back down the stairs to his underground lab at the University--he hoped he could reverse his latest experiment. He had asked his students to volunteer for extra credit--he didn't expected so many sorority girls to show up--then again, many of them were close to failing his course. He had two girls sit in two chairs, then he fired up his device, and the women had switched hairdos! He explained that the machine could swap any two physical traits of people, which set the girls arguing--some wanted to take the larger breasts of another girl, others fought for straight or curly hair. In the struggle, they pushed the machine, setting off a fantastic light show, but when it settled only one girl remained. She had the brain of Marshall, but the sexy legs of a senior named Candice. He had the decent-sized breasts of Maggie Mitchel. And the hairstyle of a pledge named Kay. His face seemed to be a composite of a few girls as well. He was only hoping he could somehow extract them all from himself, but he needed time to figure out exactly how to do that.

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