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Friday, December 4, 2009

The program (Part 2)

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Morty watched as the eyes of the blond woman in the black dress glossed over. He knew what was happening; it had happened to him just a few days prior. As the soul of Gus Jenkins finished taking control of the woman's body, the glossed over look morphed into a smile, "Thank you so much! It feels so nice to be a hot woman instead of a overweight, bald 50-year-old man!"

Morty explained what Gus now had to do. Just like he had been doing. Find 12 middle aged men and 12 sexy women ans simply convince them to sign a contract to switch bodies--much like the one Morty convinced Gus to sign. Gus was actually Morty's 12th signing, and as a reward he'd get to keep his sexy body forever! Both had something to smile about! But now Gus had a lot of work ahead of him!

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