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Friday, December 25, 2009

Final gift

Sarah had received the strange device from her grandmother when she died. She couldn't stand to throw it away as she had loved her grandmother dearly and cherished her final gift, even if she couldnt figure out what it did. That is, she couldn't figure out what it did until one Christmas when her and her boyfriend, Max, were getting the decorations out of the attic when they touched the device at the same time. It started to glow, bathing the couple in a dim light. When it faded, Max was shocked to find himself in Sarah's body, and Sarah was equally shocked to be inside of Max's! Considering they'd be off for the next few days because of the holidays, both thought it might be fun to not switch back immediately to experience life as the opposite sex. However, maybe Sarah's grandmother should've some instructions....for instance, explaining that if they didn't use the device again within 24 hours, they'd be stuck in each other's bodies!

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