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Monday, December 21, 2009

Screwed up family

10-year-old Billy wished they had never found that Spells R Us store at the mall. It had really screwed his family up. He was now in his mom's body, and his dad was in the body of his little sister, Sally. The family had split up to look for it--they couldn't quite remember where it was. Billy and his dad smiled when they finally saw the sign. When they asked about swapping back, the wizzard behind the counter explained he didn't have anything like that in stock--though he could swap any two people in the store if that would help. Billy dug through his mom's purse for a cell phone, but it wasn't there. he sent his dad off to find the rest of the family while Billy waited in the store. He waited until the store closed and he got kicked out. His dad had been picked up by mall security as an unattended minor, and the family decided they'd just show up early the next morning. It was an awkward night as each other, but when they returned to what Billy and his dad were sure was the spot, there was nothing but a "store for rent" sign. They were stuck as one screwed up family.

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