Saturday, October 17, 2009

The box

Tyler and Woody were walking to the baseball game when they discovered a black box with two buttons, an aiming device, and a screen on it. Tyler picked it up, grabbed the hat off Woody's head, aimed the device at it, and pressed a button. The screen displayed a message, "Memory full." Tyler pressed the other button, and a beam shot out, hitting Woody full on, morphing his body into a sexy woman in a blue bikini. Tyler dropped the device in shock. Woody didn't seem to notice any change and said, "I told you that device was crap!" He snatched his hat back and leaned down in an unknowningly sexy way to pick up the device. Tyler stammered as Woody tossed the box as far as he could.

Waited and waited more

Brian wasn't sure how to react when his girlfriend asked if she could borrow his body for five minutes. What? His body? How? Still, he figured he'd humor her and said yes. The next thing he knew, she did it, and he was her and she was him! He couldn't believe it! She gave him a quick kiss, said thanks, and mentioned she'd be right back. Brian thought that being in his girlfriend's body was totally surreal. Five minutes quickly turned into ten. He sat down, waited, and waited more. It had now been three hours since his girlfriend left with his body. Where was she?

Hiding it

Claire leaned down to talk to her old body, "Aw, are you sad I stole your body? Are you going to cry about it? Poor baby! Let those tears flow."

Earl was actually happy about the swap, but he didn't want Claire to know. If she knew that being in her body made him happy, she'd take it back just to piss him off. He tried his best to hide his smile, but it ended up as a bit of a smirk.

"What are you hiding, Bro?" Claire pestered, "Come on, tell me!"

But Earl just kept his silence. It was driving her crazy.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Stephen got down on his knees to plead with Marilyn to give him his body back. He had been curious what it would be like to be a woman, so he tricked her into swapping bodies with him last week. At first, she was understandably furious; she had refused to even see him. Initially, he didn't care; he was enjoying being a woman! It wasn't long before he got sick of it and wanted to be himself again, but Marilyn wouldn't answer his calls. Eventually, he tracked her down on the street. She finally explained that she was so furious that even though she didn't like being him either, she'd make him stay as her for another month just to teach him a lesson.

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Starting a new life

Carl didn't know where he was going, but he knew he needed to get out of there. Since the Great Shift he didn't feel like he fit him with his old male friends anymore. His family reacted awkwardly to how well he adapted. So he packed a bag and waited for the bus. He wasn't sure where that bus was going or where he was going, but he knew he needed to get out of where he was. He knew he needed to start a new life somewhere far, far away.

Small enough, strong enough

Jeremy had volunteered for a week long experiment at a research facility for some extra cash. They had literally locked him in a room for three weeks now, and he wanted out. The latest test the researchers ran swapped him with a female participant, but it wasn't going to stop his escape fact, he thought he'd now be small enough to sneak out a window in his room. Now if he was only strong enough to kick out the glass...

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Scott and Tiffany were both failing their first semester science class in college, but the professor told them if they would help him with an experiment, he would give them extra credit. Both immediately agreed. Their professor brought them to the basement of the lecture hall and locked them in a room. It got hot; both began to sweat until they eventually passed out. Scott awoke first to see the previously locked door now open. As he walked out, still covered in sweat, he could feel that there was something wrong. After leaving, ht heard a familiar voice yell after him. He turned around to see...himself? That's when it all came together. He and Tiffany had swapped bodies!


Lewis was attended a crowded party when a weird looking raver girl ran into him. He was going to just ignore it until he saw his own body walking away. Then he looked down at himself and saw the silver top and shiny purple shorts that the girl had been wearing--somehow they had swapped bodies! He quickly enlisted the aid of a guy nearby and asked to be lifted on his shoulders so that he could get a better look at the crowd. He needed to find that raver girl that stole his body! And he needed to find her now!

Beta testing (Part 1)

Peter was excited that he was selected as one of the first to Beta test a new virutal reality game. The programmers had described the experience as more intense than real life. They sat him down and put various nodes on his sensory points. After several hours of prep work, they finally activated the program, and he was whisked away to a new world. He instantly knew something was wrong. He had been put in another tester's avatar, a woman's most likely. The program's developers weren't exaggerating on how real things felt though. He could feel the weight of the avatar's hair and breasts; the restriction of the tight skirt. The high heels were difficult to walk in, and he could even feel the fabric rub on soft skin. After taking it all in for a moment he decided to speak up, "Excuse me. I think there's a problem here. Could someone get me out of the game? Hello? Can anyone hear me? Hello?"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When Carl's sister asked him to be the ringer on her bowling team, he raised an eyebrow. It was an all girls team, she wasn't asking him to crossdress, was she? No, she assured him, well, not quite. She pulled out a medallion and put it around his neck. Next, she touched some fabric to it. The next thing he knew, his body had completely changed into that of a woman! He sort of looked as he would if he had been born as a woman. It wasn't long before they were at the lanes, and Carl couldn't believe he was pulling this off.

The story of the magic taxi (Part 3)

Unfortunatly, Stephanie never got Kevin's letter. By the time it arrived, she had already stolen the body of Matt Heidelberg, a high powered attorney. However, the first day in the body of the cabbie, he received the letter from Kevin explaining the situation. He bought a journal and put Kevin's letter inside. He wrote a few other notes too, mentioning that he had taken a particularly long ride and the trip concluded with the cab driver saying, "Have a nice day." He began doing tests with short rides,making sure each trip was ten cents more than the one prior. It quickly stopped mattering who he was giving rides to, he became conumed by the experiment. Then finally, one day it happened. He had swapped with some blonde woman, he couldn't wait to get back to journal and write down the exact amount that triggered the swap. Then he realized in this new body, he no longer had access to it! He could only hope that the woman whose life he stole would be able to figure out the pattern and finalize the notes.

The program

"Oh, my God," The sales woman in the shiny skirt told the blond woman at Bloomingdale's, "You've so got to sign up for this free bodyswapping program. My breasts are perkier, my legs are more toned, and my hair is fuller and bouncier! If that's what it did for me, imagine what it could do for you, someone who's already so gorgeous!"

The blond woman pondered the possibilities. She was beautiful now, but she could swap with a supermodel! She had to sign up for it! Of course, the sales "woman" had formerly been a balding, fat, 40-year-old man named Morty. He had really lucked out after using the bodyswap program. He couldn't believe a beautiful woman like this would ever give up her body! Then as a good salesman, he came up with his current scheme, and his new body was the perfect pitch. Earlier in the day he had been signing up other overweight middle aged men, and now it was just a matter of tricking younger women to swap with them. This blond would be the last he needed to even up the numbers.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fashion schooled (Part 5)

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Tony couldn't believe it! After being transformed into a copy of his sister to help her finalize her fashion designs, she wasn't able to turn him back! He was stuck as her copy. He was annoyed by how girlie his sister's clothes were, but he managed to find a turtleneck and pair of pants. Still, why was all the shoes she owned just so annoying? She promised to work on finding a way to help him soon as she was accepted to college...


Yikes! John wasn't expecting this! Who was this douche? When John switched bodies with his daughter, he agreed to attend her college until they could find a way to switch back so that she wouldn't fail. But she hadn't told him about any boyfriend or anything. When this guy came up to her in the library and planted one on him, he reacted by biting his lip as hard as he could. Unfortunately, that only seemed to turn him on...

Proving them wrong

Most of the players on the team were reluctant to let Johnny continue to play in games after the Shift changed him. Sure, they had mostly all changed themselves, luckily into other athletic guys, but Johnny was in a chick's was he going to play pro ball? Well, after their first week back, Johnny proved them all wrong.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Nice melons

"Nice melons, Chuck!"

"Shut up, Kelly!" Chuck responded, "I love you, but you got to stop making all these lude comments. I don't know we switched bodies while sleeping last night. I didn't want or expect to wake up in your body anymore than you expected to wake up in mine. Let's just try to get through this without giving me a hard time. Please?"


Bill had a rough night. It was his bachelor's party, and his buddies had gotten him a stripper. Things got weirder when they tricked him into a bodyswap with her. She snuck away to report him to the police for a non-consentual switch. Meanwhile, Bill's friends loaded him up with alcohol, and convinced him to give them all blowjobs. By morning the police finally arrived to arrest Bill for the swap.

New experience

There were a lot of things that Ted knew he would have to get used to after the Great Shift swapped him with the body of a woman. The very first thing would have to do is learn how to pee sitting down. It was certainly a different experience...but not entirely. He knew it was all going to take some work to figure it all out, but one thing down...many to go.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fashion Week (Part 1)

Great Shift be damned! Milan Hart wasn't going to let it ruin her socialite lifestyle. She had a free dress to wear at fashion week from one of the industry's top designers, and she was going to go out on the town and wear it...even if the Shift had swapped her brain into the body of a 40-year-old man. She certainly wasn't the only dressed up in clothes inappropriate for their new bodies.

Working out

Whew! That was a tough workout, but Hank wasn't about to let money go to waste. He had worked for years as a computer programer, spending long hours on projects, and gaining hundred of pounds in the process. Luckily, he also got paid well, so he could spend the money on a new body. The technology to transplant brains had been invented a few years ago but quickly outlawed in the US. He had to travel to a country still living in poverty in southeast Asia. A young woman from a poor village eagerly took the money from the company performing the procedure so that she could care for her family, even if it meant being stuck in Hank's body for the rest of her life. After sorting out banking and passport hassles, Hank finally returned to America with his new body. He made sure to hit the gym, not ever wanting to get fat again.

Identity crisis (Part 1)

Craig was relaxing at his quiet home when he all of a sudden found himself in a padded room. It wasn't long before a doctor came in, and he realized that it was a mental institution. The doctor diagnosed Craig as suffering from an identity crisis. When Craig tried to explain who he was, the doctor told him he might want to look in the mirror. The face of a pure beauty stared back. He knew he was a guy named Craig from Dallas, but how could he explain that he was most certainly in the body of a woman in Los Angeles. Maybe he...or rather she really was going crazy?