Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vegas showgirl (Part 3)

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After Graham's post-Great Shift wedding, he breathed a sigh. He had managed to lie about going to Vegas for his bachelor party, despite now being in the body of a Vegas showgirl--it was quite a feat, and now they went on their honeymoon. His wife's family had planned a surprise trip for them to one of Graham's favorite locations--LAS VEGAS! He groaned when they were greeted by a troup of showgirls--one of them with his old body! Graham's wife shot him the evil eye; looks like it was time to come clean.


Matt couldn't believe he was doing this. He put on a fake smile as his parents shot him wearing a pink dress--while in his sister's body! Ever since the two had accidentally swapped bodies thanks to an ancient artifact at the museum, they've been doing their best to live each others lives. He hadn't wanted to go to her prom, but she insisted, and he guessed that she did play the big football game with his body the other day--and she did an amazing job--so he figured he could do this for her... at least she hadn't asked anyone yet, so she let him get away with going stag. He couldn't imagine kissing a guy on a date!

Mixed up

Professor Marshall Stack walked back down the stairs to his underground lab at the University--he hoped he could reverse his latest experiment. He had asked his students to volunteer for extra credit--he didn't expected so many sorority girls to show up--then again, many of them were close to failing his course. He had two girls sit in two chairs, then he fired up his device, and the women had switched hairdos! He explained that the machine could swap any two physical traits of people, which set the girls arguing--some wanted to take the larger breasts of another girl, others fought for straight or curly hair. In the struggle, they pushed the machine, setting off a fantastic light show, but when it settled only one girl remained. She had the brain of Marshall, but the sexy legs of a senior named Candice. He had the decent-sized breasts of Maggie Mitchel. And the hairstyle of a pledge named Kay. His face seemed to be a composite of a few girls as well. He was only hoping he could somehow extract them all from himself, but he needed time to figure out exactly how to do that.

Friday, December 11, 2009


When Johnny told his girlfriend how easy her life was, she had no idea how serious her challenge to walk a mile in her shoes was...or how literal. She had somehow manage to switch her body with his, and now his penance was beginning. His first wished that his girlfriend wore flats more often--or ever! But he guessed he'd get this out of the way as quick as possible as he stumbled down the street, slowly getting slightly more used to the heels with each step. After figuring he walked a mile, he was shocked when he didn't swap back!

Copy + Paste (Part 1)

Freddy was thinking this digital camera might be one of the best purchases he ever made. He had been taking pictures with it in a traditional way for about a week when he tried a button the camera that he had never seen on one before labeled "Copy." He aimed it at a punkish looking Japanese woman waiting for the bus, but was surprised when nothing seemed to happen. He couldn't find the picture or anything anywhere...even after he downloaded photos to his laptop. It wasn't until several hours later when he was taking pictures again, and he hit another unknown button, "Paste," that he understood what it did. His body morphed into an exact copy of the Japenese woman from earlier...he was even wearing her clothes! He probably should've used the camera to make a copy of his old body though, as now there'd be no way he could ever get back to being himself!


Martin couldn't believe that the Medallion of Zulu actually worked, but he tried it out in a parking lot with his girlfriend and couldn't believe his eyes as she was slowly morphing into him. He was even more surprised to look down and find himself changing into her! As Martin's clothes began to loosen and his girlfriend's started to stretch to their limits, they knew they'd have to trade clothes. While his girlfriend seemed to change lickity split, Martin was taking a little longer getting on an extra outfit of his girlfriend's from the back of their car. He struggled with the bra; he had trouble with the stretch pants; even the boots were problematic. He vowed once they changed back to never give her a hard time about taking a long time to change.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Lost" (Part 2)

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When Carl's wife pretended to lose the Medallion of Zulu, leaving him stuck in her body, she still hadn't worked out all the details. For instance, she had no idea how to do Carl's job as a forklift driver. This is where hey silver tongue and acting abilities came in handy. She talked the supervisor into giving Carl in her body a job, and then quitting herself. Carl arrived back to work in his wife's body and was absolutely depressed. Not only did he have to deal with having his newleywed wife's super sexy body, but now he had to deal with all the rude sexual comments from his co-workers as well. This was not only going to be a long day; this was going to be a long life...

Vegas showgirl (Part 2)

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Graham had promised not to go to Vegas for his bachelor party, but he did! And when the Great Shift hit and placed him in the body of a showgirl, he knew he'd have to come up with one whopper of a tale. He told her that he swapped with the stripper his buddies hired--it was a believable ruse. His fiance had swapped with a burly truck driver; she had been able to navigate the truck to the roadside and avoid an accident that night. He was glad she was alive and the wedding went on as planned. Though now it was Graham getting his hair all dyed and dolled up--not to mention wearing the beautiful white gown. He felt a little silly, but it seemed appropriate now.

A long night: A conclusion?

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Rebecca eventually went to pick up Diane in Chuck's body from the hospital while leaving Chuck in Diane's body at home. Though Chuck was eager to get back to his own body, for some reason all he could focus on was playtime. When Rebecca finally arrived home with his body, Chuck was in for a surprise. Diane pointed at her old body and said, "I'm keeping your body, Daddy! I want to be the Daddy now! I mean, excuse me, I am your FATHER now, young LADY!"

Chuck freaked out for a moment, but his child mind quickly focused back onto playtime.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What happens in Vegas

After scoring big on the floor of the casion, Beth and Lizzy got a special invitation in their hotel room for an exclusive high rollers' night in the pent house. They took the elevator all the way up to what they thought was the top floor, but then were instructed to take an escalator to reach the final floor. They entered a small room with two men sitting at a table. Both men were stoic and didn't say a word. When Beth and Lizzy tried to put some of their chips on the table, the men shook their heads and pushed them back to the two girls--placing two small pendants on the table instead. Lizzy played a hand of poker against the first man and was given the pendant as her winnings. Beth played against the second and lost. The pendant in front of her started to glow. The next thing the women knew, another man had entered the room and started to escort the women out. Lizzy heard a voice on the way back down from one of the men, "Lizzy! It's me Beth! He took my body! Help me!" Lizzy seemed shocked. "He must be crazy," the man who now inhabited Beth's body lied, "Don't let it bother you, I'm fine...let's enjoy the rest of our weekend in Vegas..."


Frank couldn't believe he had been wearing these heels all night! When the Great Shift hit, he was concerned as anyone about the new, unfamiliar body he found himself in, but with everyone freaking out around him, he altruistic nature kicked in and put aside his own worries to help everyone else cope. When he finally calmed everyone down, he made his way to a bathroom to sit down for a minute to finally take his new body in. He had known immediately it was a female body, but he really hadn't realized the heels! It was like he hadn't even noticed them pinching his feet or the balancing act he had to do to simply keep standing! He just guessed his mind was elsewhere!

Bodyswapping orb (Part 7)

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"You just had to go back to that bodyswapping orb, didn't you, Mike?" Kyle lectured, "You weren't happy in that last smokin' hot body, were you? I didn't even go with you this time, and for some reason I still ended up swapping! I think we're somehow linked together with it! I'm going to go back up with you THIS time, but that's only because I ended up in this totally fat body! I feel disgusting. Why can't you stop? I actually LIKED the last body that I had!"

"To be honest, Kyle," Matt interjected, "I'm not sure if I ever want to go back to being me. I'm just sort of enjoying being someone completely new ever few days. The thrill is getting to me. I just guess I luck out when I end up in a body this hot. Sorry it ends up swapping you as well, but I'm not going to stop!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More normal

Shirley looked up to her old body and sighed--this was NOT keeping a low profile. After an accident swapped her body with her 5-year-old brother's, both had been doing their best to act as the other until they could figure out a way to switch back. Sadly, a 5-year-old boy simple didn't know how to act appropriately in his teenage sister's body. Just because something was in her closet, didn't mean she'd wear it. That wig was from Halloween! Those glasses were from when she was like 8! Her brother had just thought the whole look was "cool," but Shirley begged him to go back inside and change into something more normal!


The Great Shift was hard on most high schoolers, but it was probably worst for the students who swapped with teachers. John Keyes was one such student, who was swapped into the body of the school's new chemistry teacher, Miss Lee. John figured things could've been worse. At least Miss Lee just graduated from teaching college last year, so she wasn't too far in age from him. He could've ended up like his buddy, Matt, who swapped with Mr. Marley. Sure, Matt was still male, but Mr. Marley was only a few months from retirement!

Bodyswitcher (Part 1)

A lot of my captions are tributes to the Body Switched story...such as this one.

Jason didn't believe it! His finally had finally made an invention that worked! And the bodyswapper had switched his brain into his sister's body! This felt so weird! He had agreed to help his dad study further effects by staying in her body for the next week--much to his sister's dismay and objections!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vegas showgirl (Part 1)

Graham had promised his fiance that he wouldn't go to Vegas for his bachelor party, but his friends ended up dragging him there anyway. By the end of the weekend, he was convinced he she would never find out...well, that is until the Great Shift happened. When he found himself in the body of a Vegas Showgirl, he didn't know how he was going to explain it to her! He didn't even have a change of clothes! At least he was able to take that giant headdress off...

Save Me! Lollipop

I've been looking for an english version of the bodyswap episode of Save Me! Lollipop for a while now. Apparently its up on youtube finally: here

Could do better...

At first Gary thought it may have been just about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As he walked down the hall, he passed by a young woman, who he eyed up and down as they passed each other. He thought she wasn't bad looking and pondered turning around to ask her on a date before deciding he could do better. That's when a strange white light engulfed the hall, swapping the pair's bodies. Gary wondered if he was somehow being punished for thinking this woman wasn't attractive enough to go out with...because he'd be stuck with her (in some sense) now! But it wasn't punishment, it was just one of the many results of the Great Shift.

Who Has It Easier?

Not the best bodyswap video on Youtube, but figured I'd post this up on here.

The stone (Fiction Branches tribute)

This is a tribute to Fiction Branches

Jon Gibson couldn't have believed he was so careless with his wishing rock! His latest wish had plopped him into the body of the biggest bitch in school, Sarah McMillan...well, sort of. Reality had sort of altered so it was as if Jon had always been Sarah. He was a little releaved to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt instead of the skimpy clothes Sarah wore. He was also surprised that Sarah wasn't a natural blonde! He was also releaved that he wasn't captain of the cheerleading squad and apparently still a good student! Her parents had recently rewarded good grades with a new car! Jon figured his new life as Sarah wasn't all bad, but he was worried about what may have happened to the stone?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reality show

The men had thought their girlfriends had signed them up for a reality show to compete to be a spokeman for "Hunk" energy drink. Each of them were flirting with tons of bikini clad women on the set, but the truth of the matter was that their girlfriends had signed them up for a truly sinister reality show to reform their cheating ways. Each man had his body swapped with one of the sexy women on set. Over the next several weeks, they would learn lessons about what it was like to be a woman, so that they could learn to treat their girlfriends better. It was like "Tool Academy" taken to a whole new level. As an added incentive, only the winner would be swapped back to their male body...


Carl could never stand to see his newlywed wife cry, even if she was doing it from his body. The two had swapped bodies because of a weird medallion she had found, and now she was crying because she accidentally threw it away before the time when they could swap back. Carl dried his wife's tears before heading over to the dumpster where the building's trash was collected. He wasn't looking forward to it, but it was worth it to get them back to their own bodies and make her happy. Meanwhile, Carl's wife clutched the medallion tightly. She had hated fooling Carl like this, but if she didn't really make him believe like she wanted to swap back, he'd be suspicious when she claimed she "lost" the medallion "accidentally."

18th birthday

Ever since Robert learned on his 18th birthday that he could swap bodies with people, he's been having the time of his life playing practical jokes on people. His latest victim was a total MILF, a mom of one of his little brother's friends. He spied her eating in a cafe while he was out and about. He swapped with her just to see the reaction on her face to suddenly be a man. After a good 5 minutes of laughing, he switched back to look for his next target.