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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The bridge (Part 1)

Lloyd saw a woman standing on the edge of a bridge, seemingly ready to jump. He screamed up at her, telling her that he’d give her anything if she didn’t do it.

She yelled back asking, “Anything?”

“Yes, please!” Lloyd yelled as he felt woozy. He suddenly found himself clinging onto the side of the bridge’ss railing. Carefully, he climbed back over onto the pedestrian path. He was now in the woman’s body! He looked back down to the street below where he saw his old body running away.


  1. No woman in her right mind would give up a body like that just to be a guy!! It doesn't make sense, lol. Superb caption though :D

  2. very good mysterious story of body theft! Good useof pic. I wonder why she did it & what will happen next?