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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wall Street to Fashion District (Part 1)

Thomas had been swapped into the cab driver’s body for a few weeks now; the magic taxi had instituted the swap, and Thomas knew that saying the magic words “Have a nice day” would switch him out of the cab driver’s body and into the passenger getting out. He had been cruising around Wall Street for a fare in hopes of snagging a rich banker, but a fashionista pushed her way in front and she asked to get up to the Fashion District. He grunted, but figured he could just drop her off and try again, but as she exited he slipped up and accidentally mutter, “Have a nice day.” On auto-pilot, he felt himself getting out of the cab and giving the horrified driver a large tip. He screwed up big time!


  1. LOL, some would say he screwed up, others wouldn't, including me, I'd love that body! :)

  2. LOL OUCh good story. Poor girl. What an evil thing the taxi is! BRR‰