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Friday, February 4, 2011


George couldn’t believe that three men had grabbed him off the street, bringing him to a weird building downtown. They strapped him down and ran jolts of electricity through his body, and suddenly he became free of his straps. He ran, grabbing this throbbing head as he did so. He was suspicious as to why the men seemed to let him go so easily. It seemed as though they just magically undid he straps, and now they weren’t even chasing him. It would take George a bit more time to realize that the men had kidnapped him to be an unwilling participant in a bodyswapping experiment. The woman who he swapped with was the brains behind the whole thing--she had made the machine and had been dreaming of swapping with a man. George would be quite a ways away before his mind processed the swap, and by that time the woman and the machine would be gone.


  1. Superb caption :) But the woman must be bonkers to give up a body like that!!

  2. WOW! Great story & LOL! It great to see the woman doing the stealing! He must have been quite a 'hunk'
    George is definately going to havee to go through a period of 'adjustment' with no ID or money!

  3. I am trying to find my head to put my head on. so many twists & turns! I wonder if he can believe anything anybody tells him right now,