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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Before their wedding, Melissa and Larry had taken a strange potion that swapped their bodies. The reversal potion wouldn’t work for 24 hours, but their wedding was in less than twelve. Both decided to suck it up and swap back on their honeymoon. Larry had felt so odd in Melissa’s body, wearing her dress, and mingling her distant relatives. He was so thankful to drive away with Melissa and be off on their honeymoon. It wasn’t long before they checked into their hotel room, and the 24 hours were up. Larry started digging through Melissa’s bags, but he couldn’t find the reversal potion, though he did find several lotions, perfumes, and makeup. He asked Melissa where she had put it. She shockingly responded that she thought that he had brought it. It seems like the newly married couple would be stuck in each other’s bodies through their honeymoon.


  1. I can see why Larry was so eager to swap with his fiancee :D Gorgeous body, and I'm sure it will be an experience for them both to have sex now :) Thanks for another great caption!!

  2. ROFLOL! great story & ouch funny! Why do I have the feeling she's lying? somehow I feel that she's not planning on trading back?