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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Man's best friend

Lewis was impressed with his latest invention. He had made a machine that could swap two brains, and now he just needed some test subjects. He placed his dog, Bud, in a pod and asked his girlfriend to come over to be his other test subject. He had to lie to get her into the other pod. After activating the machine and opening the doors, he could tell by the bodies’ reactions that the machine had worked. His girlfriend’s body was walking around on all fours, licking his face, and his dog’s body growled at him. Lewis decided it wouldn’t be time to swap them back just yet. Besides, wasn’t this every man’s dream? A sexy woman girlfriend with the loyalty and obedience of man’s best friend? Lewis decided it might be fun to take Bud in his girlfriend’s body to the beach. The first pain was getting Bud dressed, but he did finally get the bikini on. Once at the beach, Lewis found it impossible to control Bud. The dog inside the body of a woman would run after frisbees, just all around, and even hump other dogs. Apparently, Bud not only didn’t realize that he was human now; he didn’t realize that he was a woman either.

1 comment:

  1. LOL, superb caption, I love it :) The dog deserves that body more than her in ym opinion ;) Thanks.