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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bigger trouble

Theo leaned over his old body that was now unconscious on the floor. It was weird seeing his daughter’s face on his body, and he imagined his face on her body looked equally strange. She had been upset at him, because she had just turned 18 and he refused to extend her curfew. She thought she’d teach him a lesson by switching bodies with him, but Theo managed to break the spell before it was complete, resulting in the swap being only partial. They each ended up retaining their own faces. He hoped that his daughter had a way to reverse this! She would be in even BIGGER trouble if she didn’t!


  1. OMG!!! This caption is without doubt one of your very best :D Thank you so much, I love partial swaps. Having his own face on his daughter's sexy body :) Awesome!

  2. And I just realized this is a fake that I did, LOL. Its on my Flickr photostream (saracen_knight1187) :) Thanks for using it.