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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

News report

Ben shifted uncomfortably in his seat. In the wake of the Great Shift, he still insisted in going on the air, despite shifting into the body of his co-host, Nancy. Meanwhile, Nancy was adjusting well to being in Ben’s body. She had always felt like she was in his shadow on the show, but in the wake of this national tragedy, she was finally taking the lead in reporting. The news network considered themselves lucky that their two lead anchors had shifted bodies; they were able to report the bodyswapping event first while other networks had to deal with their reporters being shifted into the bodies of children or into bodies miles away. They remained on the air for hours, but Ben wanted nothing more than to shake off Nancy’s heels and change into some pants.


  1. One of the BEST captions I've read :D Thank you so much. I love reporter/anchor swaps, shifts.