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Friday, March 18, 2011

Emergency landing

In many ways, Bryan had to consider himself lucky. Plenty of planes crashed in the wake of the Great Shift with pilots shifted outside of bodies and often even off of the plane itself, leaving no one to fly the giant metal crafts. Strangely, the pilot of the plane Chuck was on ended up in Chuck’s body, made a quick dash to the cockpit, and managed an emergency landing on an icy field in Northern Canada. Meanwhile, Chuck found himself in the body of a woman on the plane--a rather gorgeous one at that! Between being in a new body and the emergency landing, his nerves were tense. Upon landing, he needed to get out and get some air. His new body certainly wasn’t dressed for the cold, but considering how stressful the past few minutes had been, his wardrobe was hardly a concern!


  1. very good GS story & excellent use of pic!

  2. His wardrobe matches his sexy new body, lucky guy! :) Great caption, thanks.