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Monday, March 28, 2011

A deal's a deal

“Lisa!” Barry exclaimed, “I know we agreed to stay swapped in each other’s bodies through the night, but I think we need to switch back sooner. I’m really losing myself here, and I’m starting to think like you. Like I found myself fawning over another girl’s shoes, having an interest in soap operas, and checking out dudes! DUDES! I couldn’t believe it. I was getting so horny. I still am!”

“A deal’s a deal,” Lisa retorted, “We said we’d swap back at the end of the night, and that’s exactly when we will! I have found my own feelings change as well. I’ve been horny for babes. In fact, you dressed up my body pretty nice tonight, and I wouldn’t mind taking you out back for a bit. I’ve been curious about what sex would be like as a man, and it seems that it would be fairly safe to do it with my own body. What do you say?”


  1. WOW!! The idea of Lisa screwing her own body, that's sooo hot! :D Thanks so much for this terrific caption! Superb use of pic.

  2. LOL1 GOOD STORY & use of pic. Looks like they're really staring to lose control!