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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Switcher

Carla and Luke held hands as they prepared for their second trip on “The Switcher.” They had gone on the ride earlier in the day and found that the name was quite literal--it had switched their bodies! Luke felt odd in Carla’s body, having her long hair and wearing her short shorts, and Carla didn’t feel any better in Luke’s body. However, they thought they should appreciate the once in a lifetime opportunity and walk through the park as each other. They didn’t wander for long; they returned to The Switcher within an hour. The line had gained considerable length from people wishing to be swapped back, but the couple waited. After two hours in line, they were in front again. They smiled as they waited for The Switcher to take off--thankful that they would be back in their own bodies soon!


  1. Normally I don't like these kind of dangerous rides, but I'd definitely go on this one with a good looking woman :) Superb caption!

  2. Terrific story & use of picture and a feel good ending.