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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Shiela had been taking care of the old man for years. After all that time taking care of his demands and dealing with his racist rants, she was ready to quit. But the old man had a trick up his sleeve as well. He laughed looking at his old body. Shiela was shocked. The old man had somehow swapped bodies with her! She tried yelling, but the words just sounded like a senile person’s ramblings, which she realized was somewhat true now. How could he do this to her after she had taken of him for years? Plus, why would he do this considering all the racist remarks he had made to her over the years?


  1. He maybe racist but he still wants her sexy young body, thats why he stole it! Awesome caption :)

  2. BRRRR! chillingly evil & powerful! Great horror story!