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Friday, March 25, 2011

Master PC

When Gus first got the software for his computer, he was excited! He installed the transformation program on his PC, attached a transmitting peripheral, and put on the bracelet receiver. He changed his skinny body into a muscle-bound Adonis. Then he went to go meet his best friend, Anthony, to show off his new self, but he should have turned his computer off! Within a few minutes, his sister entered his room and started playing around. By the time he arrived to meet his friend, she had turned him into a cute girl wearing a tutu skirt. Gus frantically tried to remove the bracelet, asking Anthony to help. He just was hoping to sever the link before the “mind control” function was initiated!


  1. I really like this caption, one of your best, :) Those sisters are such a pain, LOL. Superb use of picture too, wonderful all around, thank you! :D