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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It had only been a few weeks ago when Tony discovered his strange power. He had been looking at his high school yearbook, focusing on his old crush, when he suddenly found his body had transformed into hers! He found that he could turn himself into any one he was looking at--a Victoria Secret model from a catalog, an actress from a movie, and (most recently) an anchor from the local news. He had also taken the opportunity to snap photographs of just about everyone he had seen, and now he was looking through them considering who he wanted to become next. The thrill of becoming someone new was always a turn on!


  1. OH YEAH! One of your very best captions :) I love it when guys have this power. And who can blame him for transforming into hot women? ;) Thanks for this!!

  2. Very good story & use of pic! I wonder if ever tries to impersonate anyone?