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Monday, March 14, 2011

D & D

Norton and his friends always had active imaginations. It was probably one of the reasons their weekly D&D meetings were always so exciting, but they all still laughed when Eugene brought an amulet that he claimed was actual magic. The nerds got into a shouting match as Eugene threw down the item...and that’s when the changes started. First, Eugene’s shirt burst in an explosion of muscles and long blonde locks flew from his head. He looked like a mix of a bodybuilder and Fabio! Taylor was next. He slowly shrunk and grew a beard--turning into a stout dwarf. Norton knew what was going next as he felt a tingle. Much like his two friends, he’d be changing into his D&D character. His chest grew outward and his hair flew downward. He felt a strange power grow inside of him and he knew he had been transformed into his character--the sexy and voluptuous mage, Sera.