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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day out (Part 2)

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Will jumped into his car and drove to where he knew Erica would go. Pressing down on the pedals while wearing Erica’s heels felt weird, so did the seatbelt atop his breasts. He wasn’t liking it, and pushed the gas down harder. He arrived at his secluded hiking spot, spying Erica’s truck nearby. She probably hadn’t gotten far yet, and while it may be difficult to run in heels, he was sure he could catch up with her and demand that she switch them back right now!


  1. Fantastic continuation :) Thanks!

    1. Excelent story. Thanks for continuing. she is sure angry. He;s not thinking too clearly. How is he going to force his GF in his strong male body to do anything? Offer erica sex! LOL! PLS continue.

      PS Minor matter I think it might have been better if he leaped into her car & found his pick up truck more logical