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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shore leave

The naval ship was on a routine trip in the Pacific Ocean, and the captain had decided to give his crew a little time for shore leave. About a dozen of the men had decided to visit a local strip club, and that was when the Great  Shift hit. Nine of the men switched bodies with strippers. The men quickly grabbed what they could of their uniforms--namely their hats and jackets--and placed  them over their now skimpy outfits. Realizing the panic situation, the men immediately reported back to their ship. The captain was more than a little shocked at the appearance of his crew.


  1. I bet the captain is jealous ;) I know I would be. Great use of picture.

  2. The Great Shift really would helpt the world to de-militarize ... it's a good and sexy way. :) Well picture use