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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Up front payment

Ian’s band had just completed their most successful show to date. As he walked off the stage basking in the after glow, he suddenly felt strange and pushed around. He realized he was now somehow in the crowd, and even stranger, he appeared to now have the body of one of his band’s female fans! He needed to go see whoever was in his body backstage. Fortunately, he knew his security well, and he knew their weakness, which could easily be exploited with his current body’s assets. Ian quickly located Bob, the horniest security guard, and rubbed up against it. He started pleading to be let backstage, promising sex in return. Bob smiled. He would agree, but payment needed to be made up front. Ian went pale. He did NOT want to have sex with Bob just to see his own body to try and fix this mess.


  1. He should just go home and enjoy the body ;)

    1. LOL! great use of pic. I wonder if she stole his body?