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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

ASAP! (Part 5)

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Dr. Samuel Blake awoke the next morning hoping it was all a dream, but the massive hangover he had told him otherwise. He put his hands to his temples, still a little shocked to see Miho’s tiny fingers with painted nails instead of his own. It was early, so early in fact that he realized that he had about an hour before campus security would arrive to escort him off-campus. He had enough time to get to his research station and tell Miho; he could only hope that she would be there already!


  1. LOL! Baned from campus. He's not doing poor Milho's rep any good. I wonder how she's going to take it & if she's there at th e lab? Very good use of pics!

    PLS continue! I ca't wait to find out what happens

  2. awesome story line. Wonder how Miho will handle the Professor having sex in her body