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Monday, April 30, 2012


After Gene got an F on his latest essay, he was furious. He felt like he didn’t deserve such a poor grade and set his sights on getting revenge on his teacher, Miss Gray. He wanted to get her fired, and he had the perfect scheme. He searched the internet all night before finding what he needed, a body swap spell. He cast it that night and woke up the next morning in Miss Gray’s body. He searched through her closet for the sluttiest outfit he could find. He felt so naked and exposed, but when he showed up to school in Miss Gray’s body wearing this, he was sure it would get her fired. Then again, he didn’t count on the strength of the teachers’ union.


  1. Excellent caption :D I definitely think he'll end up keeping her sexy body ;)

    1. LOL1 Good witty story. I wonder how he wil like being older teaching brats like him?