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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sister of the bride

Tina always had a tense relationship with  her sister, Ashley. Tina was introverted and shy; Ashley always flaunted her body. When Ashley arrived at Tina’s wedding in a slutty dress, Tina nearly kicked her out. Their mother talked her out of it, but in hindsight Tina wished she had. During the reception the Great Shift hit and Ashley swapped with Tina’s new husband, Jefferson. The poor man was horrified to be in Ashley’s body and felt awkward in her slutty dress. The worst part was how Tina looked at him now the way she used to look at Ashley, with a subtle hint of disgust and envy.


  1. one of the best I've seen on this site! keep it up! Super Hot!

    1. ROFLOL! so Tina;s now married to Ashely! I wondre how their marriage will be? LOL! its gReat now Tina now looks with disgust & envy on Jeff! super good touch!

      One of your best GS ones