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Monday, April 23, 2012


For the past decade, a small group of European scientists had teamed up with a group of Asian scientists to develop transporting technology. It was based off a theory that it might be impossible to transport the physical body over miles instantly, but it would not be impossible to transport the essence of who they were--their thoughts or their soul. As the two groups were about to attempt a final test, the Asian team decided to play a prank on their European counterparts. While the European scientists put the colorful transportation devices on their heads, the Asians had hired four women to do the same. The lever was switched and the four male Europeans found themselves thousands of miles away in Asia inside the bodies of the four Asian women! Both groups of scientists had a good laugh. The women now inside the bodies of the European scientists miles away were not laughing.


  1. Can't blame the women for being upset, losing those bodies ;)