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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Altered Fates TG Caption Body Swap
“I know it probably sound crazy, Mark. I look like your girlfriend Kaity, and I sound like her. But I’m actually your best friend, Richard. This crazy medallion somehow ended up switching our bodies. And now I’m in Kaity’s body, and she’s in mine!”

“Uh...” Mark obviously had his doubts, “I’m sorry, but body swapping medallion? It sounds crazy.”

“It’s right here in my hand,” Richard said while gesturing to an empty fist.

“You really HAVE lost it, Kaity. There’s nothing there.”

“But it was! I swear! I felt it in my pocket just a minute ago, and pulled it out...but...where did it go? If it’s gone, Kaity and I have no hope of getting our bodies back! Help me find it!”

Mark could only stare. From his perspective, it seemed like his girlfriend had lost her mind, but it was just the tricks of the Medallion of Zulu.

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