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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The class

Dan had been working on his invention for five years. It was intended to be a method of revenge. But his life at school hadn’t been so bad lately, and the machine still lacked proper controls. With his eighteenth birthday behind him and high school graduation only a few days away, he never expected to be tormented so greatly. He came home in tears, digging through a few boxes in his basement to find it. He didn’t care that the device wasn’t complete, he just wanted his revenge. It would be an equalizer -- swapping the bodies of everyone in his class. He couldn’t control who would be who, but...

His thoughts drifted away as he was sucked away and placed in a new body. He looked in the mirror. Andrea Chow looked back. He actually had nothing against her. She was pretty, but she also was actually nice and kept to herself. The one thing he had never noticed before was how skinny she was! Well, now that he was in her body, he could fatten it up -- just a little! He was way more excited about seeing what bodies his other classmates ended up in. He hoped that the jocks who picked on him ended up in nerdy bodies. It would be fitting justice!


  1. Good story& use of pic. I thought it interesting that he was so angry that he didn't even care whose body he ended up in.

  2. Hey, a localized GS as a method of revenge! Cool story.