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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wonderful person

TG Body Swap
“Honestly, Grandma, it’s me; it’s George! I know I don’t look like me right now, but that’s because of that little device I just gave you. It’s a bodyswapper! I used it to switch bodies with this woman, and you can use it too! You can be young again!”

“But wouldn’t I have to take someone else’s body? Something about that just doesn’t feel right, George...It’s so weird calling you that with that pretty young lady’s face looking back at me!”

“It’s okay, Grandma. You’re sick. There’s no cure. This is the only way to help you! You are such a wonderful person, and you deserve a longer life! There are so many scummy people out there; you could do something good with their lives!”

George’s grandma sighed, “You’re right, I am a good person. That’s why I can’t use this weird bodyswapping thing you brought me. I couldn’t begin to justify allowing someone else to die in my body, even the worst person in the world!”


  1. Interesting, a person with the power to save herself chooses not to because it would condemn another! I don't see many CAPs like this one.

    I like it, than you for doing it.


  2. I LOVE body swapping devices, hope to see more. This one is great :D