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Monday, June 17, 2013

What if

It had been a few years since the Great Shift had happened, but there wasn’t a day that goes by that Frederick didn’t think about what his life would be like had the body swapping event never took place. He often came to the ball field to wonder. After all, this is where he’d been, playing a game for his high school team. He swapped with the girlfriend of one of his teammates. She was gorgeous but not athletically inclined. He knew the swap meant the end of many of his sporting hopes. But being in her body opened many doors as well. A very successful modeling and acting career and several million dollars later, he returned to his hometown, back to this field, and wonder what if it had never happened at all.


  1. I'd say things worked out quite well for Frederick, odds of making it in pro-baseball are extra-ordinarily low.


  2. So did he assume the role of his teammate's girlfriend? What was that situation?