Monday, June 10, 2013

The power

Tg Caption submissive
Max couldn’t believe the power he held in his hand, at least theoretically, if the person who had given him the gun was to be believed. All he had to do was think of something, aim the gun at someone, and fire, then that person would transform into whatever he thought of in his mind. The only catch was that it would only work once. Max stood a safe distance away as he aimed the gun at the biggest jerk he knew, a womanizer from his office. He thought of a a gorgeous Asian woman in a tight leather outfit, one who was submissive to Max’s every whim. He aimed the gun and fired, but soon realized he had aimed the gun the wrong way. Max’s body soon transformed into the image in his own head. He gasped with a now soft feminine voice knowing he was stuck. He breathed one sigh of relief. At least the last part of what he was thinking meant that he’d only be submissive to his own whims. Thank goodness for small favors!

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