Monday, June 10, 2013

Pixie (Part 2)

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Francis felt like a total freak. Not only had he been turned into a woman by a weird magical fish, he had the strangest features accentuated. He had such skinny limbs and large eyes. He felt almost inhuman. In a way he was. Though he hadn’t realized it yet, the fish had made him half-pixie. The strange thing was that when he went out, everyone just seemed to see him as a normal woman. While he was out, he noticed others who with proportions here and there. How had he never noticed such people before? He spoke with one who seemed genuinely shocked by his confusion. She sat him down, telling him that he must be a new pixie. Francis was confused. The woman continued. Only pixies could really see other pixies, to human beings, they just looked like normal humans. Being a pixie also meant having magical powers. Francis’s head was spinning with all the knowledge he was getting. It all seemed so unreal. But his head perked up at the words “magic powers.” Maybe there was an upside to this transformation after all!

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