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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Gary had never quite fit in with the other boys. Something about him was just different. During his teenage years, he was never as big as the other guys, didn’t grow any body hair, and was constantly made fun of for being “girlie.” During his college years, his acne got worse and his voice started cracking again. He had heard of late bloomers, but this was crazy! Still, he hoped these would lead to developing more masculine traits. Instead, just the opposite happened. In fact, over the course of the year, he developed breasts and his penis slowly introverted into a vagina. Readjusting to a new sex was no easy task, but he did his best! After going through it all, his mom sat him down. She had a confession. She had also been born a man and went through the same thing in her early twenties. She had been fully female ever since. It was a rare genetic condition, and she explained that Gary would probably pass it on to her children as well. It was a lot for Gary to absorb -- mainly the fact that he now had the ability to bear children!

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