Saturday, October 29, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 6)

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As the years passed, Ben had gotten really used to being Lauren. In fact, he rarely even thought of his old life as Ben anymore. He just felt like the hot, young, successful, single woman that he looked like. Of course, there was always a reminder of his old life. From time to time, Lauren’s husband would call, hoping Ben would remember being the old Lauren, hoping they’d be able to get back together. Ben always hated those calls. They were a reminder of that brief period right after the accident -- when he still very much felt like Ben in Lauren’s body instead of just being Lauren. He couldn’t blame the guy though. He must’ve been totally heartbroken after Ben broke the news. He couldn’t have ever truly understood. Each time he called, Ben thought about telling the truth about who he really was, but he thought that might hurt even more. Ben walked and listened to Lauren’s husband sob into the phone. It was a lengthy plea this time, but Ben just wanted to be over with it.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 5)

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Over the next few weeks, Ben did his best to live Lauren’s life. Her job was quite understanding and allowed him to ease back in slowly as he relearned anything he needed to know. But there was still the elephant in the room, Lauren’s husband. They were out grocery shopping one day when Ben finally addressed the awkwardness.

“You’ve been real supportive these past few weeks,” Ben began, “You’ve given me my space, but have been there to help me readjust. You’ve respected my boundaries and been a stand up guy. But it’s not like I’m remembering anything, and I’m just not feeling any single thing between us. I think I might need to move out and carve out my own life.”

Ben could see the pain on his face. He hated doing this, but he didn’t feel like he had much of a choice. He was adjusting to being Lauren, but having a husband was still just one step too far for him.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 4)

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Only a few days later, the doctors told Ben that he’d be sent home shortly. This made Ben nervous. He was hoping to be able to spend a few more days in the hospital before having to go to Lauren’s home and spend time with her husband. He thought about telling people who he really was, but not wanting to risk being sent to an insane asylum, he decided to text Lauren’s husband instead and asked to be picked up.

Ben was thankful that the guy had kept his distance so far, but this would be harder once he was back at Lauren’s. He’d have to set some ground rules about how he wanted things to be. The guy obvious still looks at Ben and sees his wife, but Ben looks at the guy and sees a stranger. It shouldn’t be too hard to pretend to have amnesia; after all, he actually doesn’t know a thing abut Lauren!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 3)

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About an hour later, a man entered Ben’s hospital room. He could only presume that this was Lauren’s husband, which was confirmed when the man spoke.

“Honey, I came as soon as I heard. Are you alright?” He paused, “You don’t even recognize me, do you?”

Ben shrugged. “Sorry,” he said trying to sound sympathetic, “Is there any word from the doctors?”

“They scanned your head while you were unconscious. There doesn’t seem to be any damage, but your brain waves seem to be completely changed when compared with a scan from a few years back. They think it’s just from the shock, and that you’ll be back to normal and remembering soon.”

Ben thought about how silly that sounded. He couldn’t think of a single memory of Lauren’s. If her thoughts were still in here, she was sure hiding them well. And if they did come back, would she just sort of take over and erase his own thoughts? He just smiled and nodded at the man sitting next to him.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 2)

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Ben didn’t have much more time to think about before a few visitors walked in. It was this woman’s friends from the train.

“Lauren, we are SO glad you’re okay.” One woman said.

“Can’t you see she’d not okay, Gwen! She’s got a broken leg!”

“Yeah, well, at least she’s not dead.” Ben decided this was his chance. “Could one of you call the doctor? I think there’s something wrong. You all look familiar, but I have no idea who you are.”

“O. M. G.” The first woman spoke again, “It’s like you have amnesia! Can you even think of your husband’s name?”

Ben felt his heart sink a little. He didn’t want to think about the fact that this body had a husband. He shook his head, “I’m not even sure if I remember my own name...”

Monday, October 24, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 1)

As Ben awoke in the hospital bed, he tried to remember how he got here. He remembered getting on the train for his morning commute. He sat not far from a group of chatty women he often saw. He never paid much attention to their loud talks, but he always observed how pretty he thought the blond woman in the group was. He was looking right at her as a train passed going the other direction. Then he heard a scrape and a crash. The two trains must’ve side-swiped each other. The next thing he knew, he awoke here. And that’s when he caught sight of his own reflection in a piece of hospital equipment. It wasn’t his own; it was the woman from the train! The blond one that he had been staring at. This didn’t even seem possible! He was sure that if he tried to tel anyone, they’d think he was crazy. So he’d have to pretend; to figure something out...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Normal

Gary looked in the mirror and tried telling himself that this was the new normal. It was still so weird to get used to the new body that the Great Shift had dropped him into. He had been a woman now for just over a week. For most of that time, he had stayed home and attempted to adjust. It was finally time to brave the outside world. He wore clothes that were very feminine. Despite the shirt seemingly too short, the pants seemingly too high, and the heels seemingly difficult to walk in, he wanted to avoid people asking him if he was really a guy. He wore shades to help avoid eye contact. He was taking this one step at a time, and going outside like this was going to be the biggest step yet.