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Monday, October 31, 2016

Biology (Part 2)

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Arriving at school on Monday, Evan found out how all his friends had been swapped around as well. He was trying to ignore their gazes, but by the time third period Biology rolled around, he was feeling very uncomfortable. Before class, he and his friend John would talk about what they would do to Miss Khan’s body if they ever got with her. Evan arrived first, and then John sat down next to him. John was in the body of a 45 year old Asian man.

He leered over and spoke, “Guess I can finally actually do some of those things we always talked about. What do you say, Evan?”

Evan shifted quietly in his chair. He wasn’t sure that he could deal with John’s advances and the stares of his other classmates. He was happy when Miss Khan walked in. She was now in the body of an elderly woman. Despite her body, he was sure that he never paid more attention than he did today.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Evan didn’t ask many questions when he found himself in a woman’s body. He was just fascinated by the smooth skin on his face and the jiggling feeling of his new breasts. In fact, he was so focused on simply being a woman that he didn’t initially notice which woman he was. When he finally looked in a mirror, he was in for another surprise. He wasn’t just any woman; he was his third period Biology teacher, Mis Khan. All the guys in the senior class would joke about wanting to sleep with her; she was literally the hottest teacher in school. She was simply gorgeous with large breasts, which he had to admit felt even larger from this angle. Though he quickly realized there were other advantages of being in this body. If he could find her gradebook, he could give himself a little boost. Of course, as he was thinking about this, he was still thinking this body swap was temporary and isolated. If he had bothered to turn on a radio or the TV, he’d find out that it was caused by something called “The Great Shift.” And come Monday morning, despite his body, he’d still be just another student...except now many of his former friends would no longer just be joking about trying to sleep with Miss Khan, they’d actually be trying to with Evan being the one inside!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 6)

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As the years passed, Ben had gotten really used to being Lauren. In fact, he rarely even thought of his old life as Ben anymore. He just felt like the hot, young, successful, single woman that he looked like. Of course, there was always a reminder of his old life. From time to time, Lauren’s husband would call, hoping Ben would remember being the old Lauren, hoping they’d be able to get back together. Ben always hated those calls. They were a reminder of that brief period right after the accident -- when he still very much felt like Ben in Lauren’s body instead of just being Lauren. He couldn’t blame the guy though. He must’ve been totally heartbroken after Ben broke the news. He couldn’t have ever truly understood. Each time he called, Ben thought about telling the truth about who he really was, but he thought that might hurt even more. Ben walked and listened to Lauren’s husband sob into the phone. It was a lengthy plea this time, but Ben just wanted to be over with it.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 5)

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Over the next few weeks, Ben did his best to live Lauren’s life. Her job was quite understanding and allowed him to ease back in slowly as he relearned anything he needed to know. But there was still the elephant in the room, Lauren’s husband. They were out grocery shopping one day when Ben finally addressed the awkwardness.

“You’ve been real supportive these past few weeks,” Ben began, “You’ve given me my space, but have been there to help me readjust. You’ve respected my boundaries and been a stand up guy. But it’s not like I’m remembering anything, and I’m just not feeling any single thing between us. I think I might need to move out and carve out my own life.”

Ben could see the pain on his face. He hated doing this, but he didn’t feel like he had much of a choice. He was adjusting to being Lauren, but having a husband was still just one step too far for him.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 4)

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Only a few days later, the doctors told Ben that he’d be sent home shortly. This made Ben nervous. He was hoping to be able to spend a few more days in the hospital before having to go to Lauren’s home and spend time with her husband. He thought about telling people who he really was, but not wanting to risk being sent to an insane asylum, he decided to text Lauren’s husband instead and asked to be picked up.

Ben was thankful that the guy had kept his distance so far, but this would be harder once he was back at Lauren’s. He’d have to set some ground rules about how he wanted things to be. The guy obvious still looks at Ben and sees his wife, but Ben looks at the guy and sees a stranger. It shouldn’t be too hard to pretend to have amnesia; after all, he actually doesn’t know a thing abut Lauren!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 3)

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About an hour later, a man entered Ben’s hospital room. He could only presume that this was Lauren’s husband, which was confirmed when the man spoke.

“Honey, I came as soon as I heard. Are you alright?” He paused, “You don’t even recognize me, do you?”

Ben shrugged. “Sorry,” he said trying to sound sympathetic, “Is there any word from the doctors?”

“They scanned your head while you were unconscious. There doesn’t seem to be any damage, but your brain waves seem to be completely changed when compared with a scan from a few years back. They think it’s just from the shock, and that you’ll be back to normal and remembering soon.”

Ben thought about how silly that sounded. He couldn’t think of a single memory of Lauren’s. If her thoughts were still in here, she was sure hiding them well. And if they did come back, would she just sort of take over and erase his own thoughts? He just smiled and nodded at the man sitting next to him.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 2)

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Ben didn’t have much more time to think about before a few visitors walked in. It was this woman’s friends from the train.

“Lauren, we are SO glad you’re okay.” One woman said.

“Can’t you see she’d not okay, Gwen! She’s got a broken leg!”

“Yeah, well, at least she’s not dead.” Ben decided this was his chance. “Could one of you call the doctor? I think there’s something wrong. You all look familiar, but I have no idea who you are.”

“O. M. G.” The first woman spoke again, “It’s like you have amnesia! Can you even think of your husband’s name?”

Ben felt his heart sink a little. He didn’t want to think about the fact that this body had a husband. He shook his head, “I’m not even sure if I remember my own name...”

Monday, October 24, 2016

Side Swipe (Part 1)

As Ben awoke in the hospital bed, he tried to remember how he got here. He remembered getting on the train for his morning commute. He sat not far from a group of chatty women he often saw. He never paid much attention to their loud talks, but he always observed how pretty he thought the blond woman in the group was. He was looking right at her as a train passed going the other direction. Then he heard a scrape and a crash. The two trains must’ve side-swiped each other. The next thing he knew, he awoke here. And that’s when he caught sight of his own reflection in a piece of hospital equipment. It wasn’t his own; it was the woman from the train! The blond one that he had been staring at. This didn’t even seem possible! He was sure that if he tried to tel anyone, they’d think he was crazy. So he’d have to pretend; to figure something out...

Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Normal

Gary looked in the mirror and tried telling himself that this was the new normal. It was still so weird to get used to the new body that the Great Shift had dropped him into. He had been a woman now for just over a week. For most of that time, he had stayed home and attempted to adjust. It was finally time to brave the outside world. He wore clothes that were very feminine. Despite the shirt seemingly too short, the pants seemingly too high, and the heels seemingly difficult to walk in, he wanted to avoid people asking him if he was really a guy. He wore shades to help avoid eye contact. He was taking this one step at a time, and going outside like this was going to be the biggest step yet.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nothing He Could Do

The commotion surrounding Lucas was understandable. The Great Shift had just struck, swapping everyone’s bodies. For his own part, Lucas was just trying not to freak out. He slouched down in his chair and manspread out his legs. It actually felt really weird, considering his new body. A lot of familiar sensations were gone; they were replaced by others that didn’t seem quite right. He didn’t want to be a woman, but considering the confusion in the room, there didn’t seem to be anything he could do about it either...

Friday, October 21, 2016

Shift Selfies

After the Great Shift, Dennis didn’t think it was unreasonable for Laura to check up on her body. He would send her a selfie every day, so that she knew it was okay and that he was treating it right. He took today’s during his morning jog. He broke out his cell phone, smiled, and sent it to her. She replied back quickly and thanked him for the daily text. He knew he was lucky to end up with such a good body after the Shift, others he knew weren’t quite so fortunate. The selfie was the least he could do for the former owner of this body. He’d take photos of himself after buying a new outfit or a haircut. And Laura would always thank him. She missed her body, but she was glad that Dennis was taking god care of it.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Whatever I Want

John was shocked when it happened. He looked down to see a ballooning under his shirt.

“What the heck?” He asked as he became curious as he began to take the shirt off to investigate.

A sudden voice stopped him, “Becky! What are you doing?”

John froze, “Who? Me? I’m not Becky. I’m a man! Or I was until a few seconds ago. Now I’m suddenly a woman...and I’m curious!”

“That’s my sister’s body! You can’t do that!”

“It’s my body now, and I can do whatever I want!”

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Forest Dance

Luke was convinced this was all a strange and wonderful dream. He was dancing in a forest, but he didn’t have his own body. The body he had was female; it was flexible. He could move it in ways that he just couldn’t imagine. He lifted a leg over his head with no effort; it was amazing. His head swam with delight as well. What he didn’t realize was that he wasn’t dreaming. He was one of the countless victims of the Great Shift, a world wide body swapping phenomenon. Luke just happened to swap with a ballerina, who had taken a few too many recreational drugs and was dancing in the woods when the Shift took place. His mind was swimming with her high, and he couldn’t quite grasp what was actually real; that this body was actually his now...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Lab Accident (Part 2)

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The next day, Martin’s heart skipped throughout the day as he hoped his wife would be normal when he arrived home. He wasn’t hopeful when he found her sitting outside in the same chair with her head down. He let out a sigh of relief when she lifted it. She had her own face.

“You might not want to be too thankful,” She said, “I may look like your wife, but I ain’t your wife. It’s Raj. We solved the problems with our faces, but, well, as you can see, I’m her. And she’s me. She thought you’d take the news better if you heard it from her body, which I guess is going to be mine for the next couple days until we can take care of this all for good down at the lab...”

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Lab Accident

Martin got a call from his wife telling him to rush home immediately, that there had been an accident at the lab she worked at. He ran into the backyard where she was sitting on a chair, then she looked up. He was shocked to see that her face wasn’t her own. He recognized it. The face belonged to her co-worker, Raj. She attempted a rough smile, telling Martin it was going to be okay. It should be temporary; it was an accident; everyone was working very hard to fix it. Martin felt like vomiting. There was his wife’s beautiful body sitting there with Raj’s ugly face. It was horrifying. He could only hope that she was right, and that it would all be fixed as soon as possible.

Sunday, October 16, 2016


It had been a pretty difficult two years at college for Jamal. He was one of the few African American students at the otherwise white school, and he often felt racial discrimination from his peers. They often mocked him, saying the only reason he got in was because of affirmative action. Jamal knew his grades were better than most, but he knew logic never seemed to get through to any of them. He would take advantage of his size and their prejudices by making a low growl to get them to shut up. Things got really bad at the end of sophomore year when a female student falsely accused him of rape. He wasn’t sure why she did it. Maybe she mistook him for someone else or maybe she was just out to get him, but he wasn’t happy about having to face the school’s judicial board to defend himself. On the night before the hearing, he wished he benefited from the same sort of privilege these white, female students did.

He woke up feeling strange. Something felt different. He made his way over to a mirror and was shocked. Instead of being a 255 pound, six foot tall, African American male; he was now a 110 pound, five foot four, white woman! He decided there was probably an upside to this. He wouldn’t have to be mocked by his classmates anymore; he’d probably get a fairer shake at school. But when he put on a black hoodie, he did totally miss the feeling of knowing he could intimidate the other students. He was pretty sure no one was going to cowering in fear of this body!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

What Can We Do?

“Will you relax?” Andrew smiled, “Maybe this will all just reverse itself after we’re done swimming.”

“Relax?” Tara asked, “This wasn’t some minor thing like someone taking our cell phones while we were in the pool. We switched bodies while we were changing in the locker rooms! It’s completely surreal. I’m not sure we can just expect to switch back once we’re done!”

“What other choice do we have? We don’t know how it happened; we don’t know how to switch back. Let’s just enjoy ourselves and hope it fixes itself on it’s own.”

Tara scowled at Andrew. She couldn’t shake the feeling he was behind this all somehow...

Friday, October 14, 2016

Waiting (Part 2)

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While Mike would be the first to admit that he enjoyed his time in Kylie’s body, he had been waiting her for over an hour for her to return so that they could switch back. Fun was fun, but he wanted to go back to his own body. The medallion was still right here in Kylie’s purse; he was ready to switch back. He just needed Kylie with his body to show up. He started to worry. What if he was stuck like this? What if he was stuck as Kylie? But, then again, he could always use the medallion in this purse to switch with someone else.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Mike had to admit that he had a good time today. He never would’ve expected it, but he enjoyed spending the past twelve hours in Kylie’s body. When they had been given the weird medallion; they didn’t believe it would work. Then they tried actually using it this morning! They were shocked to end up with each other’s bodies, and (after switching clothes) they decided they’d each spend the day as the other and meet back up here at night. Mike had kept the medallion safe with him in Kylie’s purse. Now he was just sitting here and waiting for Kylie with his body. Then they could use the medallion again and switch back. He had enjoyed his time, but he was pretty anxious to get back to his own body.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


As soon as his body was stolen by the driver of the magic taxi, Tim went looking for a body to steal himself. It didn’t take him long to pick one. When she entered the cab, he was immediately entranced; he decided she would be the one. He dropped her off and wished her a nice day. The next thing he knew, he was on the side of the road in her body, as she drove away in the magic taxi in the cabbie’s body. However, as he stood there, Tim was having a slight regret. He was barely balancing on the heels of her boots. He was afraid a single step would send him crashing down. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Jeff was pretty sure he was never going to tire of seeing this reflection any time he looked in the mirror. It always put a big smile on his face. He was pretty sure he lucked out with the results of the Great Shift. Many of his friends ended up in bodies that were old or just plain ugly. But Jeff? Jeff’s new body was amazingly attractive; he loved showing it off. He even loved being a woman. The Great Shift was probably the best thing that could’ve ever happened in his opinion.

Monday, October 10, 2016

In Flight

Even after landing, Ryan was still a little bit rattled from the flight. The plane veered a little off course in order to avoid some turbulence and flew into the airspace of a strange placed called Exchange Island. Ryan had just been sitting in his seat, listening to music, and almost falling asleep when it all happened. He was suddenly on his feet pouring a drink, which he ended up spilling all over another passenger. The other passenger got quite upset and started yelling at Ryan, but then his anger shifted to a far greater problem when he realized he wasn’t in his own body. Everyone on the plane had now been swapped with someone else. The bodies the pilots were now inside rushed up front. Ryan realized he was now in the body of a stewardess. It seemed their short time over the Island was just long enough to initiate the Island’s swapping ability, but not long enough to trigger a return to normal. It also resulted in a set of new rules warning planes not to fly over the island. To avoid public panic, everyone was asked to maintain the identities of who they swapped into. Ryan was a little nervous about taking over the life of the stewardess and being a woman! But a generous settlement from the airline made it a little easier.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Walk a Mile

The phrase “try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” seemed like a good philosophy to try. In fact, Neil had invented a body swapping device that would allow him to do just that. He decided to pick someone who, at least on outward appearances, had a very different life from his own, in order to maximize possible empathy. Plus, the woman he picked had very unique shoes as well. It didn’t take long for Neil to feel that empathy. He probably walked only a few feet before he jumped up on a wall and sat down. Walking in heels was difficult! To make matters worse, the woman in his body had just run off after swapping. He wasn’t sure how he was going to get anywhere with these things on his feet, but he sure didn’t want to run around barefoot either. It seemed he was going to learn the true meaning of that old phrase.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Shy (Part 4)

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As the weeks went on, Michael’s outfits got crazier and crazier. At this point, no one in the office was talking to him anymore. Even Human Resources didn’t want to call him into their office, but they had no choice. What she was wearing wasn’t exactly violating the dress code, but it was distracting -- and she could be reprimanded for that. Michael sighed. He was being sent home to change; if they had to warn him again, he’d be fired. But he didn’t see what was wrong, quite honestly. He had certainly always perceived women as wearing cute, fun things all the time. What was wrong with wearing balloons as a shirt, and this round plastic skirt was totally cute! He sighed. He could still wear this sort of stuff on the weekend at least!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Shy (Part 3)

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As the days and weeks passed, Michael went to the mall to buy all sorts of new clothes. Of course, his fashion sense was a little more than odd. But he loved buying things that were cute, unique, and fun. However, they weren’t exactly fitting for the workplace. He was still smiley and friendly at work, but the inappropriate dress was a little bit offputting. Despite his best efforts, he was finding himself ignored almost as much as Ling had been. Of course, Ling had been ignored because she could easily be missed. Michael was being ignored because he was just too much.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shy (Part 2)

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The next day at the office, people began to notice a young woman in the office. Now that it was Michael was in Ling’s body, he was outgoing, friendly, and spunky. He thought about Ling now in Mageek’s body driving the cab. He felt a little bad, but he also felt like she never appreciated this body. He had looked through her wardrobe and found a lot of drab clothing. Even finding a bright red bow for his hair proved to be a challenge, and he snipped off some of that long hair. He arrived to work smiling; he talked to everyone he could; he even flirted with a few guys. He was pretty sure that he was going to love Ling’s life...

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Shy (Part 1)

No one ever noticed Ling. She had started her job three months ago, arriving early and leaving late. She brought her lunch from home and stayed at her desk the entire day. She was too shy to speak much to anyone, except with one word answers, and very few people in the office even knew her name. It was uncommon for her to be working late and have someone turn the lights off while she was still at her desk. Thursday evening was one of those nights. She sighed when it happened, knowing she should probably stop working and head home. She’d have three minutes until the light of her monitor would turn off from inactivity; it was plenty of time to make it to the door.

She opened an app on her phone to use a car service app to make sure one would be waiting for her outside. It told her that her driver, Mageek, would be there in five minutes.

Ling was as quiet on the car ride home as she was in the office. Though Mageek kept looking at her in his rear view mirror. She didn’t think much of it until it was too late. Mageek turned to her and wished she have a nice night. In the next instant, Ling was now in Mageek’s body! She watched in horror as her own face smiled at her and handed her a fifty dollar bill.

“My name’s actually Michael,” She watched her own lips say, “You’re Mageek now. You might want to build up some confidence. You’ll probably need it if you decide to continue the curse and steal a new body yourself...”

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The entire office was remarkably silent in the wake of the Great Shift. No one said a word and the only sounds came from the humming of computer fans and the shuffling of feet as people made their way from the bodies of the co-workers they had been swapped into back to their own desk. Marshall felt like he was being particularly noisy as he nearly fell over several times. Tina’s body just felt so off-balance to him. He took a deep breath as he sat down. He didn’t feel like doing any work, It didn’t seem to matter where he put his hands; it seemed that he kept rubbing up uncomfortably against an unfamiliar body part.

The awkward silence was finally broken a minute or two later when finally a voice spoke up.

“I guess we should all go home, right? I mean, it’s weird to stay here like this, isn’t it?”

Monday, October 3, 2016

Back (Part 2)

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It turned out, Michael wasn’t called by the government in order to return to his own body. The Great Shift had swapped Michael into the body of a wealthy man; that man wanted his body back and paid the government a great deal of money to be among the first in line. That meant Michael ended up in the body that the Shift had stuck that guy in, which happened to a young blond woman.

As Michael walked outside, he took a deep breath, feeling his chest move in and out as he did so felt odd. In fact, while he hadn’t much trouble adjusting to the Shift’s swap, this one was much more difficult. Being a woman just felt so odd and foreign. He had no idea what he was going to tell his wife.

His only hope was that they would find his own body soon enough. The government had told him that willingly participating had moved him up the list. Of course, even if they found his body, the slow process of swapping meant that he’d still have to be put on a waiting list that was over ten years long!

Sunday, October 2, 2016


When the Great Shift happened, Michael never expected to get his own body back, but then again, it was not like he had it all that bad. The body he ended up in was mostly the same as his own, maybe just a little older and few pounds heavier. He was quite surprised when the government gave him a call about a year later and told him they had found a way to swap people back. It was a slow process, and they were prioritizing who would swap back earlier. Michael was surprised he was on the list at all. He showed up for his appointment early and bought a cup of coffee. He drank it outside before heading inside, quite thankful that he’d be back in his own body soon.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Possessions

Sam wasn’t exactly sure how he ended up without a body of his own. Had he been killed somehow or did he just sort of turn into a magical spirit? Regardless, being such a spirit hasn’t actually been so bad, especially when he realized he could possess anyone. He started by possessing people fairly similar to himself, but two weeks ago, he possessed Lexi. It was the first time he had possessed a woman, and he hated to admit how much he enjoyed it. Two weeks was much longer than the usual two or three days he stayed in someone’s body. Still, it was time to move on. He slumped down and let his spirit pour out of Lexi’s mouth. He hated giving up her body, but he vowed the next body he possessed would also be a woman, and he was sure he could find one that was just as good, if not better, than Lexi’s.