Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sister's Clothes (Part 1)

The Great Shift was a very weird thing for a lot of people, and this certainly included Edward, who found himself in the body of a woman. It wasn’t just the fact that he had an entirely new gender, but he also wasn’t comfortable in the way this body was dressed. It felt like he was wearing little more than a bra on top and having a skirt on was equally strange. He needed to change.

Fortunately, he recognized the corner where he now stood. His place wasn’t to far away. His own clothes would be much too big, but his sister had left a small bag the last time she had visited; maybe there was something in there that he could wear. He was sure that it had to better than what he was wearing now at least!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Be Someone Else

No one knew the name of the party; no one knew who hosted it; it was never held in the same place twice; and everyone said you never knew what was going to happen. But each time it was held, everyone in Los Angeles wanted in. It was THE place to be. Victor freaked out when he got an invitation one day. Other than the address, the only other information on the card was the theme of the party, which was “Be Someone Else.” Victor didn’t quite understand what that meant, but decided to wear his best suit to the party, thinking it a far cry from the t-shirt and jeans he wore every day to his job in the creative field.

The line to get in was long and slow. As he got closer to the front, he noticed the line split in two with each line going into a different entrance. Each person from his line was escorted in one at a time. When it was his turn, they brought him in and closed the door. He stood in a small room about the size of an elevator shaft. The walls all had green foam spikes on them. Then the color of those spikes began to change, becoming a bright pink. But the room wasn’t the only thing different; his body was too! He was now an Asian woman wearing a revealing gold outfit. As a door on the other side of the room opened, he realized what had happened; he had swapped bodies with the person in the other line. He was literally going to be someone else at this party.

Sure enough, it was a one-of-a-kind party. With all the guests in different bodies, people were both very cautious and very open. But when it came time for the end of the night, he was eager to get back to his own body. But that was the true twist of this event; you didn’t swap back at the end!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Second Chance

Mitch sat on the curb thinking about how crazy his life had become in the past week. It all started after a late night at his second job. His car had just wouldn’t start and he was forced to call a cab that he knew he couldn’t afford. He ended up opening to the driver and explained about how he couldn’t afford anything, how he was working two jobs, and how he could just not have to live his own life anymore. The driver seemed understanding, but remained silent. Things got weird when the ride was over and Mitch ended up swapping bodies with the cab driver. At first, he was thankful to get a complete new chance at life. But after seeing the driver’s dirty, small apartment, he began to think things went from bad to worse. Then he found a journal that revealed a shocking secret. The cab driver’s body would be temporary; soon enough he’d be swapping with another passenger. It didn’t take long; only about seven days. He hadn’t expected to swap with a woman, but that’s what happened. As he sat there in yet another new body, he wondered if this one was finally his chance at a better life. At least, he hoped it would be.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Anthony was pretty surprised by the app that Danielle had shown him. You took a picture of two people and you could swap the parts between the two people. The weirdest thing was that the changes would also happen in real life. After a little bit, he swapped just about every part of him with Danielle. The only thing left that was still his own was his head. But then he tried to swap things back, but nothing happened.

“I think it’s broke,” He said.

“That’s impossible,” Danielled laughed, “I’ve een using it for weeks! It doesn’t break!”

“No, watch!”

He showed her that he was trying to swipe everything back. She saw that his gestures had no effect, and her smile slowly turned upsidedown.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Revenge was such a delicious taste; probably even better than the hamburger Fred was eating right now or the ice cream and soda he had for breakfast. He had been a mostly unremarkable guy for most of his life until he learned he had the magical ability to swap bodies with anyone. He used that power to get back at the women who made fun of him in his youth. The better looking they were, the more he enjoyed gorging on food to fatten them up. Natalie had been quite cruel to him as a kid and now she was particularly hot. He was so eager and more than happy to ruin her figure.

Monday, November 7, 2016


Brandon breathed heavily with the gun in his hands aimed at the others in the park. He had come here about twenty minutes ago and unexpectedly been stuck in a situation where he swapped from body to body. It took him a while to figure out that it was due to this odd gun. It took even longer before he ended up in the body of the person holding the gun. He looked out to the crowd. There was about thirty people there, all looking very confused, but also thankful to no longer be swapping around. He’d probably have to sort this out, but he had no idea who was who. He had no idea how to use this gun, and he had no interest in a result that would just continue the chaos. But people were starting to look at him impatiently.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Check In (Part 4)

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“So we have these bodies, but we can’t fool around? How do they stop us?” Paul asked inquisitively.

“If they catch you,” Mei answered, “The person might not want to swap back.”

“That seems like a worthwhile risk. After all, it is our honeymoon.”

“You’d risk being stuck in that body for good?”

“I just want a proper honeymoon with my wife! I don’t care abut the risk...”

“Well, I hope you’re ready...”