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Friday, January 12, 2018


When the body swapping service first started up, Malcolm nearly balked at the first. It was a couple hundred dollars just to submit his own photo and obtain the catalog of others he could swap with. It took several weeks to arrive in the mail -- a thick, phonebook-like glossy filled with people’s faces and a few scant details. He nervously filled out a form where he made his picks ordered from one to ten, then he wrote in his bank information knowing he’d soon be around a hundred thousand dollars poorer. He told himself it would be worth it when he finally was able to achieve his long time dream of swapping bodies with a woman.

Details arrived back some time later with instructions about when and where to go for the swap. He was also advised that he’d be swapping with number six on his list, Emily. He looked back to the catalog to see a pretty smiling face he had selected. Now he just needed to wait.

Arriving at the lab on the scheduled day, Malcolm was giddy. He was given some instructions before being put under. He had wonderful dreams about the body he’d be waking up with.

His eyes fluttered open some time later, and he was shown a mirror. He smiled as he recognized the pretty reflection looking back at him. He was now in Emily’s body! But something didn’t quite feel right. In a word, he felt...heavy. Looking down, he realized that Emily’s body was bigger than he anticipated from her head shot. A part of him felt disappointed; another part of him felt cheated. He thought about protesting, but he knew the documents he had signed were air-tight. He was going to be stuck in body until he could pay up enough to try again. As he left the lab and headed back home, he just sighed, thinking he’d make the most of it. After all, he was still going to get to experience being a woman!

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