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Monday, January 15, 2018

Step Up (Part 3)

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When Tim arrived at home, he received such a homecoming from his family that he nearly cried. It was a little awkward that he couldn’t tell them that he was really Tim, but it was even weirder that there was already a Tim. His body was standing there acting completely normal...which he supposed should be no surprise. To the original Tim, everything WAS normal. After about fifteen minutes, he excused himself upstairs to get some rest.

Tim’s dad confonted him at the top of the stairs. He asked if everything was okay. Tim smiled back, and said, “Of course, it is.”

“You just seemed a little distant down there,” His dad replied, “Like something was a bit off.”

“The hospital was tough, and I’m really just tired.” After only fifteen minutes, Tim was starting to doubt his decision and wondered if was going to actually be able to pull this off.

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