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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Rich, Powerful, Important

As Jack walked out of the cab and onto the street, he could hear the heels of his shoes clicking on the street. When he first got swapped into the body of the cab driver, he had a vision of the person whose life he’d end up stealing -- rich, powerful, important. He never imagined such a person would be a woman. Still, when she got into the cab, he recognized her immediately. He had read all the financial magazines and had seen her face on the cover. She had built a fashion empire at such a young age and made a fortune. It was really everything he wanted, just in a rather unexpected way. As they reached their destination, he smiled and said, “Have a nice day.” It was that simple to swap with her, and indeed he was now her. He could hear her engine idling as he walked away, but he knew she couldn’t do anything except drive away. The magic of the cab that allowed the body swap in the first place would never allow the new driver to do anything except leave...

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