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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Not Like This

It wasn’t often that Mark brought a woman he randomly met at a bar one night back to his place, but he had a feeling that Tiffany was different. He connected with her in a way that he couldn’t imagine, so he was a little disappointed when he awoke the morning after their one night stand to find her gone. He wondered why she had run off...that is until he got to the bathroom and saw his reflection. It seems Tiffany didn’t run off; instead, at some point in the night they had fused into a single person. He screamed in shock as he saw his face on Tiffany’s otherwise gorgeous body. He pulled up on her pink shirt to reveal more of his body. He felt like some sort of freak. He wanted to get close to Tiffany, but not like this! Not like this at all!

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